TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Jan 20 2015

On most weeks, TABC releases Label and Brewery approvals that have been approved for sale in Texas. Every beer that is sold in Texas has to go through this process before you can see it on store shelves. This is a way to see what beer will be coming into the Texas market before it shows up at your local bottle shop or craft beer bar. The time frame between showing up on the label approval list and hitting the shelves could be anywhere from a day to a couple of months out.

The same can be said for breweries. The brewery approvals tend to be even further out. Every brewery sold in Texas has to go through the same process to get approved by the TABC. Once they do this, they can then get labels approved.

I only include craft beer labels that have been approved.

After each label, I have indicated what they have been approved to sell in. They are as follows:

K = Keg
B = Large format bottle
bb = 16oz format bottle
b = Small format bottle
c = Small format (12oz) can
C = Larger format cans

Here are this week’s TABC Label releases:

Galveston Island – Balinese Ale (K)
Galveston Island – Oktoberfest Ale (K)
Galveston Island – Tip Your Porter Ale (K)
Great Divide – Whitewater Hoppy Wheat Ale (c, b, K)
Guadalupe Brewing – River Rye’d Session Blonde Ale (Approval shows as 22oz can, but label shows 12oz and my guess is a bottle)
Halve Maan – Straffe Hendrink Brugs Tripel Ale (b, B, K)
Hops and Grain – Pale Mosaic (c, K)
Karbach – Bourbon Barrel Hellfighter Vanilla (B, K)
Karbach – Fieldworks Series 3 Belgian Style Tripel (K)
Karbach – Fieldworks Series 3 Brett IPA (K)
New Republic – Marlinspike Porter (c, K)
O’Neil And Sons – D.A.D. Stout Ale (K)
Prairie – Brett C. Farmhouse Ale (B, BBBBB*, K)
Rodenbach – Vintage 2012 Oak Aged Ale (B)
Smuttynose – Homunculus (B, K)
Smuttynose – Spank (B, K)
Southern Tier – Tangier Session IPA (b, K)
Valencia – Saison (b, K)
Wasatch – Provo Girl Pilsner (K)
Wasatch – Raspberry Wheat Beer (K)
Zilker – Coffee Milk Stout (K)

TABC Brewery Approvals:

Noble Rey – Dallas

A couple things to take from these releases:

Some weeks, the TABC does not release any labels. Such was the case last week, so there was no article. Usually when this happens, I get a lot the following week. Unlike what this list shows, a lot did come through, but they were in the form of Labatt Blue label variants. I will save the the trouble of reading through them.

Prairie – Releasing some oversized bottles again. This time, in the form of .793 Gallon bottles, which roughly equals to 3L bottles of their newest release.

TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 15 2015 Prairie Artisan Ales

Noble Rey – They have finally received their brewpub approvals. This brewery has been waiting for quite some time for that to come through. Their grand opening will be announced shortly. They will likely have a lot of other beers on tap along with their own.

TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 15 2015 Noble Rey Brewing

Local Labels Approved:

Since not many local label approvals came through, here are all of the U.S. craft labels that came through.

Smuttynose HomunculusSmuttynose SpankSouthern Tier TangierPrairie Artisan Ale BrettNew Republic Marlinspike PorterKarbach BBH VanillaMosaicGuadaloupe Brewing River Rye'dGreat Divide Whitewater

TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 15 2015

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