In this weeks TABC label and brewery approvals it is mainly dominated by newer breweries getting their kegs approved. Places like Highwheel (San Antonio), Eureka Heights (Houston), Running Walker (Houston area), and Rabble Rouser (McAllen).

This week’s TABC Label Approvals:

K = Keg
B = Large format bottle
bb = 16oz format bottle
b = Small format bottle
c = Small format (12oz) can
cc = 16oz format can
C = Larger format can

10 Barrel – Pina (b, K)
11 Below – Lame Duck (K)
Alaskan – Perseverance Russian Imperial Stout (B, K)
Audacity – Denton Red Ale (K)
Audacity – Cherry Bomb Ale (K)
Boston Beer – Sam Adams Black IPA (b)
Boston Beer – Sam Adams Latitude 48 Hallertau Mittelfrueh IPA (b, K)
Braman – Running Walker Texas Secession (c, K)
Braman – Running Walker Stout (c, K)
Braman – Running Walker Texas Reserve IPA (c)
Braman – Running Walker Kolsch (c)
Braman – Running Walker Pilsner (c)
Breckenridge – Nitro Lucky U (cc)
Charlie Wells – Dry Hopped Lager (c)
Dogfish Head – Flesh & Blood IPA (b, K)
Dorcol Distilling – Highwheel Betty Kolsch Style Ale (K)
Dorcol Distilling – Highwheel Porter (K)
Dorcol Distilling – Highwheel 56 IPA (K)
Eureka Heights – Space Train IPA (K)
Eureka Heights – Buckle Bunny Blonde (K)
Eureka Heights – Business Time Ale (K)
Eureka Heights – Urban Lumberjack IPA (K)
Eureka Heights – Moo Caliente Spiced Milk Stout (K)
Eureka Heights – Mostly Harmless Pale Kolsch (K)
Eureka Heights – Nuke the Whales Ale (K)
Galveston Bay – Blueberry Blonde Ale (K)
Galveston Bay – Bullshark (K)
Goose Island – Experimental Autumn 2016 (b, K)
Grapevine – Tropical Double IPA (c, K)
Green Flash – Cellar 3 Natura Morta Boysenberry (B, K)
Green Flash – Cellar 3 Blanc Tarte Barrique (B, K)
Krebs – Prairie Pirate Okie (b)
Martin House – Turtle Power Ale (c)
Martin House – September Fest Ale (c, K)
Martin House – Salsa Verde Ale (c)
New Holland – Monkey King (b)
Noble Rey – Lil Dizzy Ale (K)
Peticolas – Clandestine Pale Ale (K)
Rabble Rouser – Pilsner Ale (K)
Rabble Rouser – Russian Imperial Stout (K)
Rabble Rouser – Belgian Triple Ale (K)
Rabble Rouser – S.A.M. IPA (K)
Rabble Rouser – Saison Ale (K)
Rabble Rouser – Texas IPA (K)
Rabble Rouser – Black IPA (K)
Rabble Rouser – Blonde Ale (K)
Rabble Rouser – Extra Special Bitter (K)
Rabble Rouser – First Lady Imperial IPA (K)
Rabble Rouser – Pale Ale (K)
Rebel Toad – Angry Man Porter (K)
Sierra Nevada – Porter (K)
Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale (K)
Sierra Nevada – Hop Hunter IPA (K)
Sierra Nevada – Torpedo Extra IPA (K)
Sierra Nevada – Ruthless Rye IPA (K)
Sierra Nevada – Stout (K)
Sierra Nevada – Bigfoot Barleywine (b, K)
Sleeman Unibroue – Unibroue Ephemere Blueberry (K)
Stevens Point – Session Pale Ale (b, K)
Stone – Bastard’s Midnight Brunch (bb)
Strange Land – Apothecary Saison Gruit (B, K)

Brewery Approvals:

Note: I have only been putting new brewery approvals here – anything that is just getting reapproved, I do not list. Along with this, any macro brewery that is approved, I do not put. An example of this would be things like a South Korean macro brewery.

(For TX breweries: B = Brewery, BP = Brewpub)

Branchline Brewing – San Antonio (BP) – Switching from a brewery license

Select Labels

Alaskan Preserverance charlie wells dry hopped lager dogfish blood fresh blood grapevine double tropical ipa green flash cellar 3 blanc green flash cellar 3 boysenberry martin house salsa verde martin house septemberfest martin house turtle power new holland monkey king prairie pirate okie running walker ipa running walker kolsch running walker pilsner running walker stout running walker texas secession sierra nevada bigfoot TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 24 2016 stevens point spa stone bastards midnight brunch TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 24 2016 strange land apothecary TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 24 2016

TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 24 2016

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