TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Jan 20 2015

On most weeks, TABC releases Label and Brewery approvals that have been approved for sale in Texas. Every beer that is sold in Texas has to go through this process before you can see it on store shelves. This is a way to see what beer will be coming into the Texas market before it shows up at your local bottle shop or craft beer bar. The time frame between showing up on the label approval list and hitting the shelves could be anywhere from a day to a couple of months out.

The same can be said for breweries. The brewery approvals tend to be even further out. Every brewery sold in Texas has to go through the same process to get approved by the TABC. Once they do this, they can then get labels approved.

I only include craft beer labels that have been approved.

After each label, I have indicated what they have been approved to sell in. They are as follows:

K = Keg
B = Large format bottle
b = Small format bottle
c = Small format (12oz) can
C = Larger format cans

Here are this week’s TABC Label releases:

Adelbert’s – Pablo Pale Ale (K)
Adelbert’s – Travelin’ Man Ale (B, K)
Adelbert’s – Hibiscus IPA (K)
Austin Beerworks – Bloodwork Orange Ale (K)
Austin Beerworks – Templar Nights Ale (K)
Ballast Point – Dead Ringer Oktoberfest (B, K)
Ballast Point – Fathom IPL (c)
Ballast Point – East to West IPA (K)
Ballast Point – Grapefruit Sculpin (c)
Ballast Point – Pale Ale (K)
Ballast Point – The Commodore American Stout (K)
Ballast Point – Wahoo Thai Chili Wheat Beer (K)
Bayou Teche – Biere Joi (B. K)
Bearded Eeel – Shucking Stout Ale (K)
Black Star – Co-op Elba (K)
Boulevard – Heavy Lifting Ale (K)
Buffalo Bayou – Vanilla Mocha Sunset (B)
Brouwerij de Kazmatten – Grotten Sante (b, B, K)
Brouwerij Martens – Bacher German Style Lager (b)
Brouwerij Martens – Imperium Premium Lager (b)
Brouwerij Martens – Kinroo Blue Belgian White Ale (b)
Brouwerij Martens – Shore View Lemon Shandy Weiss Beer (b)
Community – Brett’s Get it American Pale Ale (K)
Community – Razzy Raspberry Witbier Ale (c?, K)
Community – Sundial Session IPA (b?, K)
Franconia – Ice Bock Ale (K)
Galveston Bay – Laftite’s Wheat Ale (K)
Goose Island – Halia (K)
Green Flash – Flanders Drive Sour Red Ale (B)
Green Flash – Natura Morta Plum Ale (B)
Green Flash – Silva Stout Black Ale (B)
Karbach – Hop Delusion Imperial IPA (c)
Lagunitas – High West-ified Imperial Stout (B, K)
Lagunitas – Sucks (b, K)
Lakewood – Barrel-Aged Rock Ryder American Rye Wheat Ale (K)
Lakewood – Saint Dymphna Belgian Stle Tripel (B, K)
Left Hand – Great Juju Imperial Ginger Pale (B, K)
Lone Pint – The Jabberwocky Imperial IPA (B)
Middleton – Third Coast IPA (B, K)
New Belgium – Lips of Faith Clutch Wood-Aged Sour Stout (K)
New Belgium – Lips of Faith Pear Ginger Beer (B, K)
North Coast – Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout (B)
North Coast – Scrimshaw Pilsner Style Beer (B)
Ommegang – Joemmgang Coffee Ale (B, K)
Oskar Blues – Brewhouse Special Ale (C)
Pedernales – Lobo Kristall Weizen (b, K)
Ranger Creek – SABW 2015 (K)
Samuel Adams – Three Weiss Men (K)
Sea Dog – Sunfish Beer (b)
Shannon – Chocolate Rum Stout (K)
Shipyard – Signature Series Imperial Pilsner (B, K)
Shipyard – Series Imperial Rye Ale (B, K)
Smuttynose – Smuttlabs Daily Brett Ale (b, K)
Smuttynose – Smuttlabs Schmutzig Bavarian IPA (b, K)
Summit – Hopvale Organic Ale (C, K)
Town in City – Chipped Tooth IPA (K)
Town in City – City Porter (K)
Town in City – Mosquito’s Revenge Pale Ale (K)
Twisted X – Belgian Brown Ale (K)
Urban Family – Death to Cereal Coffee Stout (B)
Urban Family – Hoppy Magnolia Dry Hopped Farmhouse Ale (B)
Victory – Kuhl Kolsch (b, K)
Victory – Sour Monkey Sour Brettanomyces Tripel (B, K)
Wasatch – Raspberry Wheat (b, K)
Widmer – Beer with Natural Flavors (b)
Widmer – Hefe Shandy (b, B, K)

TABC Brewery Approvals:

Longhorn Brewing Company – Rockwall
Santorini Brewing Company – Greece
Spindle Tap Brewing Company – Houston

A couple things to take from these releases:

Town in City – Many people in Houston have been following this place for quite some time. It is good to see that hey are coming together and should be releasing beer in the near future. They will be located near the recently approved Spindle Tap Brewing Company.

Town in City Brewing

Austin Beerworks – This week they are releasing two beers that both sound great. Templar Nights is a Barrel Aged beer aged with Cherries. All I can say is that it will be delicious and worth hunting down.

TABC Label and Brewery Approvals March 31 2015


TABC Label and Brewery Approvals March 31 2015

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