Quite a long list going for this week’s TABC label approvals. I should note for the Austin and Houston readers that we will finally be getting AleSmith in our area starting in June. So, their approvals are now relevant to our interests.

With that said, Southern Star is pumping out more cans of seasonals and one offs. We also have a new brewery with Oil Horse receiving their first approvals for their Longview location. Finally, Birthday Bomb is also approved from Prairie.

This week’s TABC Label Approvals:

K = Keg
B = Large format bottle
bb = 16oz format bottle
b = Small format bottle
c = Small format (12oz) can
cc = 16oz format can
C = Larger format can

Alaskan – Ginger Shandy Ale (b)
Alesmith – Wee Heavy Scotch Style Ale (B, K)
Alesmith – 2016 Vintage Series Private Stock (B, K)
Alesmith – Old Numbskull Barleywine Ale (B, K)
Alesmith – Hammerhead Speedway Stout (K)
Anderson Valley – Briney Melon Gose (B, c, K)
Arborway Imports – Clown Shoes Bluegrass Billionaire (B)
Audacity – Summer Nights Seasonal Ale (K)
Audacity – IPA (K)
Back Pew – Hopostile IPA (K)
Ballast Point – Homework Series Batch No 7 (B, K)
Ballast Point – Barmy (b)
Bayerische Weihenstephan – 1516 (K)
Bieres de Chimay – Grande Reserve Barrel Aged Ale (B)
Bieres de Chimay – Doree Ale (B)
Big Bend – Tejas Clara (c, K)
Big Bend – Tejas Negra (c, K)
Blue Point – Toasted Lager (b, c, cc, K)
Brasserie Dupont – Saison Dupont (K)
Brazos Valley – All Summer Long Beer (K)
Breckenridge – Nitro Vanilla Porter (cc)
Bruery – Trade Winds Belgian Style Tripel (B, K)
Bruery – Terreux Humulus Terreux (B, K)
Bruery – Poterie Ale (B, K)
Buffalo Bayou – Beez Nutz Ale (B)
Bull Creek – Tommy Raj IPA (b)
Calavera – Maquahuitl Black IPA (b, K)
Circle – Doppel Blur Imperial Hefe Ale (K)
Deadbeach – Chuco Cabra Imperial Black Ale (K)
Deadbeach – Hop Vine Bling White IPA (K)
Eola School – Windmill Punch (K)
Fetching Lab – Teumessian Fox Pale Ale (K)
Fetching Lab – Blue Mischief Blueberry Cream Ale (K)
Fireman’s Brew – Blonde Beer (b, K)
Franconia – Rough Riders Red Beer (K)
Joseph James – American Flyer Craft Lager (c, K)
Joseph James – Busker Brown Ale (c, K)
Joseph James – I’m Out Imperial Stout (B, c, K)
Joseph James – Hop Box Imperial IPA
Kona – Lemongrass Luau (b, K)
Krebs – Prairie Birthday Bomb (b, K)
Left Hand – Extrovert American IPA (b, K)
Long Wooden Spoon – Heisen Weizen Hefeweizen (K)
Long Wooden Spoon – Polk St American Pale Ale (K)
New Belgium – Fat Pale Ale (b, K)
New Belgium – Fat Hoppy Ale (b, K)
New Belgium – Fat Sour Apple Ale (b, K)
New Belgium – Fat Tire and Friends Fat Fun (b, K)
New Belgium – Fat WIld Ale (b, K)
Noble Rey – My Special Purpose Ale (K)
NXNW – St. Helen Belgian Dubbel (K)
Oak Highlands – They Hypocrite Saison (K)
Oasis – Pub Series: Imperial Near Beer (K)
Oasis – Protomodern Session IPA (K)
Odell – Drumroll American Pale Ale (c, K)
Oil Horse – Thirsty Bird Ale (K)
Oil Horse – Landman Ale (K)
Perdernales – Bitter Battle American Pale Ale (c, K)
Ranger Creek – Imperial Strawberry Milk Stout (K)
Revolver – Anyodyne Wheat Wine Ale (B)
Rhinelander – Over The Barrel Blueberry (b)
Rhinelander – Over The Barrel Root Beer (b)
Rhinelander – Over The Barrel Grape (b)
Rhinelander – Over The Barrel Cherry (b)
Rhinelander – Over The Barrel Cream Soda (b)
Shipyard – Estival Ale (b, K)
Shipyard – KBC Mango (b)
Shipyard – Island Time Session IPA (b, c, K)
Sixpoint – Puff IPA (K)
Southern Star – Summer Star Summer Saison Farmhouse Style Ale (c, K)
Southern Star – Garden State Hefewiezen 2015 (c)
Stone – Smoked Porter (B)
Texas Ale Project – Payne Pils Zwickel Pils (c)
True Vine – Gold Brix Ale (K)
Utah Brewers – Wasatch Snap Down India Pale Lager (c, K)
Utah Brewers – Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen Beer (c)
Utah Brewers – Squatters Hoppy Pilsner (b, K)
Utah Brewers – Squatters Live & Let Live Kristall Weizen (b)
Utah Brewers – Squatters Full Suspension Pale Ale (b, c)
Whitestone – Cederela Hefe (K)
Whitestone – Boondoggle Brown (K)
Whitestone – Evening Roast Oatmeal Stout (K)

Brewery Approvals:

Note: I have only been putting new brewery approvals here – anything that is just getting reapproved, I do not list. Along with this, any macro brewery that is approved, I do not put. An example of this would be things like a South Korean macro brewery.

(For TX breweries: B = Brewery, BP = Brewpub)

Weathered Souls – San Antonio (BP)
El Paso Brewing Company – El Paso (BP)
Renaissance Brewing Company – Austin (BP) – I believe this place has a different name than this, but this is what shows up on the approval. I do not know the current name.
Vormann Brauerei – Germany
Benediktiner Weissbrau – Germany
Licher Privatbrauerei – Germany

Select Labels

alaskan ginger shandy alesmith old numbskull alesmith private stock alsmith wee heavy anderson valley briney gose ballast point homework series 7 bruery poterie bruery trade winds buffalo bayou beez nuts bull creek tommy raj calavera maquahuitl clown shoes bluegrass billionaire firemans blonde joseph james brown joseph james hop box joseph james imperial stout kona lemongrass luau left hand extrovert new belgium fat funk new belgium fat hoppy new belgium fat pale perdernales bitter battle prairie birthday bomb shipyard estival southern star garden state southern star southern saison TABC Label and Brewery Approvals May 20 2016 squaters live let live texas ale project payne pils TABC Label and Brewery Approvals May 20 2016

TABC Label and Brewery Approvals May 20 2016

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