No label approvals again from me. Due to the influx of breweries in the market, along with all of the local breweries putting out more beer, the weekly lists have become excessive to get done. With that said, for the meantime, I will focus on getting brewery approvals out each month just to let people know what is still opening in Texas. These are all of the approvals since the beginning of October.

Recent Brewery Approvals:

For Texas, to make beer here or sell beer here, you require a brewery approval through the TABC. This is a list of everything that has received approvals to make, or sell in Texas (if an out of state brewery). I generally will not list approvals that are repeat approvals (meaning a new license for a place that is already operating) or a brewery that is a macro producer (or owned by one).

(For TX breweries: B = Brewery, BP = Brewpub)

Texas Based Breweries/Brewpubs:

DECA Beer Company – Porter (BP)

Edgewise Eight Brewing – Weatherford (BP)

Hawkins Farmhouse Ales – Lockhart (BP)

Iron Guantlet Brauhaus – Killeen (BP)

Mano Negro Brewing – Lubbock (BP)

Medina River Winery & Brewery – Castroville (B)

Mission Trail Brewery – Socorro (BP)

Slackers Brewing – Austin (BP)

Southold Farm & Cellar – Fredericksburg (B)

Sunnhaus Brewing Project – Abilene (BP)

Vacancy Brewing – Austin (BP)

New Out of State Breweries Entering Texas:

Braxton Brewing – Kentucky

Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery – New Mexico

The Brewing Projekt – Wisconsin

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