A Craft Beer Twist on Simple 3-Ingredient Cocktails

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Spoiler alert: you can’t just Google these cocktails. They are all unique recipes created by the cicerones and mixologists at Tavour!

On the craft beer app Tavour, innovation on style is the name of the game.

The online retailer features beer from over 600 of the most creative, independent breweries around the country. Craft fans can sample delicious twists on classic brews, while supporting fantastic beer makers.

But what if you could take the creative brewer’s ingenuity one step further?

Classic three-ingredient cocktails have been a large part of the cocktail bar renaissance in recent years, and with Tavour (along with just a few ingredients from your bar cart and the grocery store), you can easily whip up some crazy spins on your bartender’s favorite beverages.

Here are 4 specialty cocktail recipes made especially for craft beer fans that will impress even the most serious libation sipper!

#1 – IL NETTARE DELL’APE – Gin cocktail w/ honey, lemon, and TALEA Beer’s “Al Dente” Pilsner

Gin makes for an incredible cocktail when combined with craft beer. Some imagine the juniper and botanical-laden beverage would be a touch overwhelming, but with a light, crisp Pilsner, amazing things can come together in the glass. So relax and soak in the spring sun with this delicious spin on the floral and honey-sweet Bee’s Knees, elevated with a touch of TALEA Beer’s Al Dente Italian-style Pilsner.

  • 1 oz Gin (lavender focused, preferably)

  • .5 oz Lemon Juice

  • .5 oz Honey

  • TALEA’s “Al Dente” Pilsner to the top (about 4 oz. in a rocks glass)

Combine gin, lemon, and honey in a tin with ice, shake for 15 seconds, strain over ice in a lowball / rocks glass. Pour “Al Dente” to the top!

#2 – SHOOT THE MOON – Whiskey cocktail with grapefruit, honey, and Lua Brewing’s “Dead Moon” Hazy IPA

You’re sitting in a smoky room, surrounded by high stakes players. The lights are dim. Jazz plays in the background, swirling through the air like smoke. Some folks are sipping whiskey, others, a mysterious libation of no known origin. You, on the other hand? You’ve already stacked the deck with this Brown Derby variant, crafted with a fine Lua Brewing Hazy IPA. Whether it’s for poker night with your buddies or a James Bond movie marathon, this sultry take on the whiskey classic will turn heads.

  • 1 oz Bourbon Whiskey

  • .5 oz Grapefruit Juice

  • .5 oz Honey

  • Lua’s “Dead Moon” Hazy IPA (3-5 oz)

Combine whiskey, grapefruit, and honey in a tin with ice, shake for 30 seconds, strain into a chilled coupe glass. Pour “Dead Moon” to the (most reasonable) top!

#3 – OFF YER BEAKS – Rum cocktail w/ falernum, lime, and Two Tides Brewing’s “I’m Thinking Of A Third Number” Mango Sour Ale

We all need a getaway every now and then. After you get off the plane, why not go big? This beer cocktail variation on a tropical Mango Daiquiri (with a dash of inspiration from the funky Junglebird) utilizes a Mango Sour Ale from the mastercrafters at Two Tides Brewing, and amplifies that relaxation to 11 with a hint of caribbean funk and a load of tropical spices. Just be careful standing up after you’re done! Maybe hang out on that beach chair just a bit longer.

  • 1.5 oz. Rum

  • 1 oz. Falernum Liqueur

  • .5 lime

  • Two Tides’ “I’m Thinking Of A Third Number” Mango Sour Ale (around 6 oz.)

Combine rum, falernum, and lime in a tin with ice, shake for 60 seconds, strain over ice in a hurricane glass. Pour the Mango Sour Ale to the (most reasonable) top!

#4 – PRAISE THE FUTHARK – Aquavit cocktail with Aperol, Lime, and Odd Breed Wild Ales’ “Stemmed Saunter” Ale

For the viking in all of us – wouldn’t it be nice to have a cocktail of our own? Something more than a shot of Aquavit as we roll the high seas and hope for the blessing of the Allfather? With this Wild Ale-infused spin on the Nordic Summer, you’ll be the champ of the old ways AND the new. Odd Breed’s fantastic Wild Ale blends beautifully with the sweetness of the aperol and the savory notes of the aquavit. And since it’s served in a delicate Nick and Nora glass, you’ll have plenty to share with your ancestors (that’s code for “you can have two or three”).

  • 1 oz Aquavit

  • .5 Aperol

  • Dash of Lime

  • Angostura bitters

  • Odd Breed’s “Stemmed Saunter” Wild Ale (1-2 oz.)

Combine aquavit, aperol, and bitters in a stirring glass with ice, and stir for 30 sec. Strain into Nick & Nora glass, top with “Stemmed Saunter” Wild Ale!

These are just a few drinks within the vast sea of craft beer cocktails. But with Tavour, the possibilities are endless! Try a Berry Sour Ale in Off Yer Beak instead of Mango. Give a Belgian Wit a spin in place of the Italian Pilsner in that Gin cocktail. With a well stocked beer fridge, you’re in control.

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