Texas Brewers Create CraftPAC To Battle Broken Beer Laws
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Texas Brewers Create CraftPAC To Battle Broken Beer Laws

Howdy Craft Beer Drinkers,

We probably don’t need to tell you that beer laws in Texas are broken. But we’ll tell anyone who will listen that we won’t stop until they’re fixed. That’s why the Texas Craft Brewers Guild is launching CraftPAC, a political action committee created to fight for the rights of Texas craft breweries (and craft beer drinkers!) and champion common sense, 21st century legislative reforms.

If you’re receiving this email, we want to thank you for signing our petition last year and taking a stand to stop HB 3287. Unfortunately, as you probably heard, that disastrous taproom bill backed by deep-pocketed special interests ended up passing. Now Texas craft breweries, the folks like you who love craft beer, and the state of Texas are worse off for it.

Are you tired of not being able to pick up a six pack-to-go at your local brewery? Do you want to see more beer tourism in Texas? Those who work to keep craft beer down have had an 80 year head start and are extremely well organized, but they don’t get to win forever. That’s why we’re mobilizing the whole Texas craft beer community to help us fix these broken, antiquated beer laws!

Let’s fight to make Texas the greatest beer state in the nation!

Make a one-time or recurring contribution of as little as $5 to CraftPAC today.


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Texas Brewers Create CraftPAC To Battle Broken Beer Laws

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