The Beerists | 574 – Wild Beer Roulette

The Beerists podcast is recorded in Austin, TX and each week we will be featuring the latest episode. The content below is an excerpt from the latest Beerists podcast release:

We’re dipping back into wild beers this time around! Half of the gang is out, but Rubio and Mark are going hard on this rickety tandem bicycle of a show! If you’re a fan of gushing, squirting, and happy endings, hop onboard and enjoy the cruise.

  • Jester King Year Eleven Anniversary Saison
  • Barrel + Beam Plum Star
  • Barrique Against All Odds
  • Barrique Wet Hop Reserve

Theme Music by Adrian Quesada

End Credits Music: Happy Death by Torii Wolf

Additional music licensed through Epidemic Sound

The Beerists are John Rubio, Grant Davis, Pam Catoe, and Mark Raup.

Photo courtesy of the Beerists

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