Sexual Discrimination and Abuse in the Craft Beer Industry

Craft Beer Sexual Discrimination

Last week a single social media post from a personal account started what is now a full-blown reckoning for the craft beer industry. Brienne Allan (@ratmagnet on Instagram) works as the production manager at Notch Brewing and posted a simple question on Instagram last Tuesday asking if others in the industry had experienced harassment. She could have never expected the overwhelming response, currently over 800 stories and counting. Personal stories ranging from inappropriate jokes to unwanted advances, to physical and sexual assault, are all shared anonymously through her Instagram stories and include call-outs from several of the most prominent breweries in the industry.

In an interview with VinePair, Allan describes how her initial post came about and how overwhelming the situation is, “I thought maybe it would die down, and it’s just getting worse,” she says. “I don’t know how to really handle it right now.” Building on Allan’s stress is the potential threat of lawsuits for sharing screenshots of others’ stories, which she consistently reminds everyone are not her personal accounts and are shared with permission. Despite the stress of it all, she continues to share other’s stories because “people are listening.” In regards to potential legal action, a GoFundMe has been established by an independent party (and without Allan’s request) to assist Allan if needed.

This isn’t new news. And it isn’t surprising. It is, however, time for it to stop.

Craft Beer Sexual Discrimination Sexual Discrimination in Craft Beer

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