The Original Texas Hopwater

HopWater Photo Courtesy of Whitestone Brewery

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Looking for a refreshing, zero-calorie beverage to get you through Dry January? Look no further than Whitestone Hopwater from Whitestone Brewery. What exactly is HopWater? With no sugar, carbs, or alcohol, it's carbonated water with a twist! Dry-hopped with Centennial and Cascade hops with hints fresh raspberry and lime, the original HopWater from Whitestone Brewery is delicious to drink alone or mix with your favorite spirit. Even though it's heavily dry-hopped, Whitestone HopWater is not bitter. Because hops are flowers of the Humulus lupulus plant, they frequently have a floral or citrus aroma and flavor, especially when used as dry-hop additions.

"Whitestone HopWater is truly unique and we feel is a flavor that is first to market," says co-founder Ryan Anglen. "Although there are other versions nationally, we developed a specific process internally over the last year and a half to get a product that was new to the palate, desirable in cans, and most importantly, delicious alone or as an all-natural mixer to enhance and compliment your favorite spirit.  We ended up consuming so much of it internally and have moved so much of it through our taproom it was only right to get it to others and fast." 

Photo courtesy of Whitestone Hopwater

Whitestone Brewery introduced the original Whitestone HopWater in the taproom in April 2020 and it is currently widely available at your local H.E.B in the non-alcoholic beverage section and at these retailers. To keep up with demand, Whitestone Brewery is expanding to Liberty Hill and just received approval to have a retail taproom at the new location. "We've been extremely thrilled with the response to our Hopwater and our Liberty Hill expansion will allow us to not only keep up and continue testing and improving but also get the product out to a wider audience that's been asking for it," says Anglen. Additionally, it gives us an opportunity to bring some new surprises to the market in the very near future."

Photo courtesy of Whitestone Hopwater

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