Two Local Breweries Celebrating 13 Years

Two local breweries are celebrating their 13th Anniversary this weekend, Jester King Brewery and Thirsty Planet Brewing.

Photo courtesy of Thirsty Planet

Thirsty Planet

The Thirsty Planet taproom is finally open! “We haven’t been able to properly celebrate our birthday in years, and now we can do so in our recently opened tasting room!” The event this weekend is free and open to the public and features:

FOOD | Corazon Azul serving up authentic Mexican, Bird’s Crawfish doing a proper crawfish boil, but no birds.
MUSIC | Shawn Mathews, Joseph Deebs, Microbus.
BEER | We’ll be pouring our tried and true and some things new.
VENDORS | M Squared Jewelry, William Winter Leather, and more will be on site.
MERCH | Get get your Goat…or bat…fresh off the press! These will only be available in the tasting room, so now you gotta come.

Jester King Brewery

An iconic Hill Country destination brewery, is celebrating their 13th Anniversary with an epic event featuring live metalwork and painting, vendors from The Original Austin Flea, Tarot Card and Birth chart reading, live music from Haunt Me, Candy Riot, Tia Caderra, Lady Dan, and Jonny Laurie, and a whole goat roast. Saturday, June 10, 11am-9pm at 13187 Fitzhugh Rd, Austin, TX 78736. Free and open to the public

Two specialty beer releases round out the celebration: 13th Anniversary SPON and Psych Metal.

From the press release:

The 13th Anniversary SPON blend was created by Sarah Lee Parker, who heads our barrel program at Jester King. Sarah selected mature three-year-old SPON and paired it with a four-year-old barrel that hit maturity a bit later than its counterparts. She finished the blend with a one-year-old barrel that shined out and was located in a section of the barrel room that consistently produces the best SPON. Why this section consistently produces the best SPON is beyond our full understanding and is testament to the role nature and variables outside our control play in making Jester King SPON. The tasting notes for 13th Anniversary SPON Blend are: stone fruit, mild honey, and light dusty/attic.

Psych Metal, however, is much more experimental. It’s a blend of young beer, barrel-aged wild ale, and Jester King SPON with Cordyceps mushrooms from
Smallhold farm, wormwood, lemongrass, and butterfly pea flower. “Jester King has always prided itself in funky beers, love of art, and being ingrained in the weirdness of Austin.” said Kellye Fuscardo, Jester King’s Operations Manager. “For our 13th anniversary, we wanted to celebrate with just that: Austin music and
performative art, all to be enjoyed with Psych Metal, a Cordycep shroom spontaneously fermented beer. Here’s to another 13 years of keeping the hill country

Photo courtesy of Jester King Brewery

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