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We have a new look thanks to our good friends over at 50 Foot Websites & Branding. I caught up with co-founder Martha Dixon to learn more about their business.

What’s behind the name 50 Foot Websites & Branding?

Martha is a big woman! Martha chose the name based off the poster for the 1950’s movie “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”, our name is actually a nod to the original poster designer William Reynold Brown. Luckily Martha married a big dude & coder Justin (Codezilla). Also, our Social media guru is pretty tall herself.

As business owners that work together daily, what tips would you give to couples currently working from home together?

A lot of our clients are husband and wife duos, and they always warn me “wait til you hit 25 years!”. We are on 14 and we like it, sure it gets stressful, but we are team players and where one fails, the other picks up and vise versa. So if someone needs to work late to get something done the other handles the kids and household things. We both think very highly of one another and complement each other well.

What have been some of your favorite projects?

All of our projects are our favorite, but working in the beer has a special place for us. We had our first craft brew experience at Avery Brewing 12 years ago and we were hooked. We have a lot of brands we have been part of or created from scratch and it is pretty awesome helping them with their success. Faust Brewing (first brewery project), Cape May Brewing (pretty fancy stuff we built into their website, really got to show off our stuff), upcoming projects Altstadt Brewery and Independence Brewing are pretty exciting. Launching soon.

What is your favorite quarantine beer so far?

Independence Peach Emoji. Very refreshing, but most of my go-to beers are Indy beers.

Photo courtesy of 50 Foot

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