Looking to Make a New Beer’s Resolution? Join the American Homebrewers Association!

Looking for a new hobby in 2023? Want to learn more about brewing? Just trying to save money at your favorite brewery? Got get an American Homebrewers Association (AHA) membership!

Founded in 1978, AHA is a non-profit organization that supports the homebrewing community and empowers newcomers to make the best beer possible at home. The AHA has a wide variety of helpful resources for members. For first-time homebrewers, they have a five-part video tutorial walking through the basics of brewing as well as the AHA forums for asking questions. The Trusted Recipes page has well-tested recipes for mead, cider, homebrew, and craft beer clones.

Want to share your homebrew with peers? AHA’s Homebrew Club Locator can point you to a local chapter as well as events and discounts. Finally, members have access to all of the items listed above through the Brew Guru app as well as food and drink discounts at member breweries.

Whether you’re just getting started in homebrewing, have been brewing at home for years, or just love craft beer, an AHA membership is a fantastic way to get the most out of the craft in 2023.

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