Austin Weekly Beer Releases

Check out Austin craft beer releases and openings that are happening around town this week.

Austin Area Brewery Map

Breweries will need our support on ordering beer to go as most have been ordered to shut their doors once again to drinking on site. There are still some exceptions to this rule (if they sell more food than beer). Those that cannot have people on site, please do support, some will not make it out of this without it.

New Beer Releases

New offerings from breweries that are releasing this week, or offerings that are now returning to the menu after a hiatus. We cannot promise they will still be in stock by the time the weekend comes around, so check the online ordering systems first!

4th Tap Brewing Co-op 

Bat Country – Cold Brew Coffee Stout

12 Fox Beer Co. 

Blurred Fox – Hazy IPA

Barking Armadillo Brewing 

Eurotrip Pilsner

Celis Brewery 

Celis LoLow – Light Lager

Central Machine Works 

Mexican Style Vienna Lager

Compadre Brewing 

Fruit Punch Pale Ale

Hijole! – Pineapple Jalapeno Sour Beer

Draught House Pub and Brewery 

Bombastic Hazy IPA

Family Business Beer Co.

Black is Beautiful – Imperial Stout

Hold Out Brewing 

Bent Wookie – Imperial IPA

Hops and Grain Brewing 

The One They Call Zoe – Pale Lager

Infamous Brewing

Resurrection – Berliner Weisse

Jester King Brewery and Kitchen 

Dry-Hopped Oat Saison with Desert Yeast

Lazarus Brewing 

Jolted Phoenix – Coffee infused Golden Ale

Life Together – American Pale Ale

Live Oak Brewery Co.

Kleines Bier – Tiny Lager

Middleton Brewing 

Thunderbird – Hazy Pale Ale

Lazer Beam! – Hazy IPA

Nomadic Beerworks  

South Swell – West Coast IPA

Oddwood Ales 

Hango On – Hazy IPA

Pinthouse Pizza 

The Paragon Rice Lager with Lime Leaf

Hop Engine Pale Ale

Ancho Grande Chocolate Porter

Southern Heights Brewing Co. 

It’s Probably Awesome #10 – IPA

St. Elmo Brewing Co. 

Zwickel – Keller Pils

311- Amber Ale

Roughhouse Brewing 

Black is Beautiful – Imperial Stout

Willard’s Brewery (new brewery that took over Flying Man Brewery)

Forbidden Helles

Zilker Brewing Company 

Midnight Sun – Hazy IPA

Coming Soon :

Nomadic Beerworks 

Black is Beautiful – Releases 7/17

Red Horn Coffee House and Brewery 

Aloha, Y’all – Pina Colada Milkshake IPA




Cheers y’all! Enjoy your beer to go! Be sure to check the brewery website or social media for official hours and offerings. 

Note: This list is gathered by social media posts, there may be a few missed releases. If you are a brewery and have a new release coming, please email

Feature Image Courtesy of Andrew Schwab

Austin Weekly Beer Releases & Openings

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