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It is going to be an interesting Memorial Day. We have places starting to reopen. We have weather that is not conducive to grilling or swimming. But at least we have beer and each other. So I polled the team and a couple of r/AustinBeer redditors to see what they would be drinking over the long weekend.  Here are the results:


Photo Credit to Hold Out


Hold Out | Ol’ Gil Pils

Austin is a city full of pilsners, but this one stands out. Hailing from the newly opened Hold Out Brewing, just west of downtown, with a slew of industry alum behind this operation, you expect to see quality immediately. They nailed this one. Seeing how summer is just starting to warm up, I expect to be picking up more of these in my near future.

Photo Credit to Nomadic


Nomadic | You’re My Boy! Blue Corn Lager

Not only is this beer a clever homage to Will Ferrell’s singing skills, it also happens to be absolutely delicious! This crystal clear 5.4% lager is crisp & refreshing but also has a lovely, deep flavor profile. Dangerously crushable and the epitome of a great Memorial Day weekend beer. Lucky us, Austinites, Nomadic is offering crowlers & 6 packs of this bad boy. “Bring your green hat…we’re going streaking!”

Photo Credit to Batch


Batch | Sjofn farmhouse ale  

with strawberry and lavender at 5.5%.While it may now be sold out, I have really been enjoying this offering from Batch. Actually, I have been really enjoying every offering that Batch has put out over the last two months. Get your orders in early online, many do sell out before the weekend.

Photo Credit to Vista


Vista | Silver Linings California Common

Its crisp, clean and refreshing. A perfect Memorial Day pour. They brewed it in tribute to Anchor Steam, if that gives you a feel for the flavor profile. It also has the perfect name for a beer in a time where we are all looking for a silver lining.  Please go to beautiful Vista Brewing and pick one up.  Seeing that awesome beer garden is a silver lining in and of itself.

Photo Credit to The Brewtorium



The Brewtorium | Nightorday Hazy IPA

This beer was brewed during the last Pink Boots collaboration brew day that I participated in, along with some of my fellow Pink Boots Austin chapter members. Aptly named given the current circumstances, it’s the perfect all-day beer. Brewed with this year’s Pink Boots blend from YCH, it’s a juice bomb of a hazy with enough bitterness to round out the flavors. I think I’ll go get another one right now.


Image Credit to Reddit

Reddit r/AustinBeer Feedback

As a community outreach idea, I thought I would throw out a line to r/AustinBeer on Reddit to see what the community might be drinking this weekend.  I specifically asked “Help Write My Memorial Day beer article.”   It went over like a lead balloon with an equal number of upvotes and downvotes leaving me with the impression that the fine readers on Reddit, may trend slightly cynical.  However, lets share a couple of the items we got back from that forum.

(Editor’s Note – I took this to mean, “No David, I will not participate in your stupid request. Do your own work!”, but I could be wrong.)

I have been finding myself doing a lot more cooking and meal prep during the quarantine, and one of my favorite beers to cook with is Black Quad by Real Ale. It is a little on the sweet side so it is hard for me to finish a whole bomber, so I usually put half of one in my glass and the other half in a pot of beans! If I am working on my car or doing anything outside, I usually choose a Swifty (also by Real Ale), and I always find myself swiftly grabbing another.

Beer has been a point of continuity for me in these times. My primary social outlet is grabbing beers with a group of friends, and continuing to get together over video has kept me sane and connected. The first beer I grabbed off the shelf at HEB under stay-at-home was Bluebonic Chronic. I felt the name was apropos (unintentionally, I’m sure,) and though I’m not a stoner or a pickup truck driver, the graphic evoked a kind of benevolent joy in freedom that seemed important to hang onto through these times, free-flowing enough to grab every chance at a good time and gentle enough to hold up rather than hurt someone. It turned out to be a delicious beer as well, and I’ve bought a few more 4-packs since my first.
MattLangan provided

The best beer to consume is whatever your favorite local beer is. Me personally, it’s been a ton of Lazarus 40/40 and the (newly-canned?) Zilker Heavenly Daze. Prefer PHPEJ? Then that’s the best beer. Prefer your buddy’s homebrew funky sour? Shut up go buy from Blue Owl or JK.


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