Melanie Ross

My love for craft beer really started while traveling for work as a performer after college. As I drank around the world I found that good beer brought with it beautiful adventures and wonderful people. My adoration has grown over the years to a pretty time consuming hobby, and I wouldn't have it any other way! If I'm not drinking a beer, I'm likely hanging with my rad husband, Alec & 2 rescue pups, Luna Saison & Mickey Short & Stout. I so enjoy championing the Austin beer scene and look forward to seeing what the future holds for this vibrant community!

Homebrewing During a Global Pandemic

While we all hunker down, a copious amount of unexpected time to investigate untapped hobbies and get creative has suddenly appeared. People are taking up new fitness practices, crafting, learning musical instruments, languages…homebrewing? Why not? With extra time abounding, what better opportunity to take up the skill of brewing your own beer? Some of Austin’s homebrewing gurus were happy to share their tips on how to get started on the journey.  I had the pleasure …

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Five Austin Area Breweries Opening During the Pandemic

Many businesses are struggling to some degree during Covid19. Maintaining a consistent stream of clientele whilst having to implement new rules and constantly adapt can be daunting. Imagine pouring your heart and soul into a new endeavor where you are planning for scenarios of every potential kink in the system. No surprise, opening during a pandemic is not typically in anyone’s realistic contingency plan.  I reached out to five breweries that are defying great odds …

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Five-Way Texas Brewery Collaboration Giving Back to First Responders

Do you have a soft spot for foeder beers? Are you trying to find ways to support our brave First Responders during this difficult time? How about showing support for your local craft breweries? Lucky for those of us answering with a resounding, “yes!”, five Texas craft breweries have joined forces to collaborate on a new foeder beer they are calling, Good Grief. A portion of donations from the beer’s sales will be made to …

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