Craft Beer Austin Staff Picks | April 2020

We sincerely hope that all of you are staying safe and socially distancing to the best of your abilities. I especially want to thank and send appreciation to all of our service industry friends who we all know and care about deeply. Thank you so much for all that you do and please keep the faith, we will all get through this together. Please take time to try and patronize the places and people that are important to you during this time. With that in mind here are the Craft Beer Austin Staff Picks for April. Here is a list of what our writers are drinking (from home) to keep our spirits high while sheltering in place:


4th Tap Brewing Cooperative | Bat Country | ColdBrew Stout

During this time of quarantine, I’ve been hitting up many breweries. Yet, my go to evening beer has been a 4th Tap Bat Country. Bat Country is a cold brew, coffee stout. It is quite delightful with the evening weather, while I enjoy the hammock. It is a smooth, delicious balance of flavors.

Photo Credit to 4th Tap Brewing Coop



Red Horn | Morning Run | Coffee Cream Ale

This month, I decided to venture a bit north to our friends at Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing to restock my fridge. I am a sucker for anything with coffee in beer, so the Morning Run stood out. A light Coffee Cream Ale. Simple, tastes great, and since we all are (or should be) stuck at home, it is a perfect patio beer at 5 PM. Or 10AM. Who really cares at this point?

Photo Credit to Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co.



North by Northwest Brewing Co. | Mango Zombie Dragon | East Coast IPA

We picked up several crowlers from NXNW right before the official shutdown and I have been crushing Mango Zombie Dragon. It’s a little lower ABV than original Zombie Dragon and has just enough hint of mango to make it delicious. I’m out now, so I’ll be stopping by soon to pick up some more!

Photo by Pam Catoe


Real Ale Brewing Co. | Swifty | American Pale Ale

Swifty is probably the easiest beer on this list to attain. You can get it everywhere and I have been. I have drank so many cans of this beer over the past two weeks that I may be causing a toilet paper like shortage in my local HEB. 

Photo Credit to Real Ale Brewing Co

See us at the end of April for the Craft Beer Austin Staff Picks for May (and Stay Safe and Stay Home)!

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