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Sign the Petition! Allow Texas Brewers to Deliver & Ship Beer during COVID-19

I don't even know where to start with this post. So many of my dear friends just lost their jobs or their business is at risk. For those of you that love our beer community, now is the time to act. Let's don't sit by and let this damn thing destroy the community that we love so much. Please do what you can where you can.

Many breweries and brewpubs (even a bar or two) are setting up to-go sales. We will be sharing as many as we can on social media and encourage you to patron as many as possible to stock up on beer and food.

Here are the rules: you cannot sit down and order a beer while you wait for your to-go order - even if they have a lovely patio. Period. So be sure you pre-order if you are getting food (some may even offer pre-ordering beer) and be patient as these businesses work out a good system. Now until May 1st is a long time and you'll definitely want to get some fresh beer (remember beer-to-go is legal in Texas as of September 1st, 2019).

UPDATE: Several breweries are implementing online ordering systems, but you'll still need to pick up your order locally: Jester King Brewery, Zilker Brewing Co., Austin Beerworks, Last Stand Brewing Co., The Brewtorium, Independence Brewing Co.,

Other ways to suppor the local beer community:

  • Austin Beer Guide's put together a comprehensive list of online brewery merchandise
  • Buy some coffee
  • Hopalytics created a list of places where you can buy a gift card now and use it later! This is a no brainer.


If you don't feel comfortable driving around town picking up beer-to-go, there are lots of local delivery options like Favor, Drizly, etc. where you can still buy local brands. Also, while not yet all inclusive, see for take out orders.

Read Austin360s comprehensive list of beer-to-go here

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