Craft Beer Austin Staff Picks | September 2020


It appears (fingers crossed) that we are now entering the end of one of the hottest summers on record.  It is raining right now as I type which is definitely a welcome sight.  So, this seems like a good time to bring you an updated set of Craft Beer Austin Staff Picks for September 2020.  You will see that this edition is influenced by the summer heat and the transition to Fall beers.  Please let us know your favorite beers of the moment in the comments link at the bottom of this page or on our social media pages.  Thanks again for reading.



Red Horn | Rosie the Zwickeler | Zwickelbier

Another collaboration beer brought to you by Pink Boots Society Austin Chapter and Red Horn Brewing, this Kellerbier or Zwickelbier represents an unfiltered German style lager. With the addition of the YCH Pink Boots hop blend, the result is a bright, crisp beer with light lemon characteristics. $1 of every purchase supports scholarships for women in beer.

Photo Credit to Pam Catoe



Live Oak | Oaktoberfest | Festbier

September hits and that means….drumroll…OKTOBERFEST BEER SEASON! I always love tasting various Marzen/Oktoberfests, but I always get super stoked for Live Oak Brewing’s version. Per usual, it’s fantastic. It’s malty, but still light and the subtle, smooth finish is awesome. A very well balanced fall staple. Freaking love it. Prost!

Photo Credit to Live Oak Brewing



Southpaw Brewing Co. | Axel’s Waggle | DIPA

One of my favorite parts of running a beer blog is supporting the up and coming breweries that make this industry so dynamic in Central Texas.  So for this month, I want to call out Southpaw Brewing.  They are a new Cedar Park brewery that is opening in the middle of a pandemic and are making some very solid beers out of the gate.  I thought all four of their initial releases were great and for this article I specifically wanted to call out Axel’s Waggle, which was smooth and hides the 8.3% ABV dangerously well.  

Photo Credit to Southpaw Brewing



St Elmo and Meanwhile Brewing Collab | Tu Meke | Lager

It’s pretty dang hot out lately! Yet, there are many drinks available to help you cool off and enjoy the warm weather easier. I am currently drinking a Tu Meke to help me enjoy this heat a little better. It is a double dry hopped Southern Hemisphere Lager at only 5% ABV. It is a collaboration between St. Elmo and Meanwhile. Meanwhile is a new brewery set to open sometime in the near future and will be located in South East Austin. For now, enjoy their collaboration! It is a great, refreshing lager and I hope many others enjoy it as much as I do. It is still available at St. Elmo’s. Cheers Y’all.

Photo Credit to Meanwhile


Austin Beerworks | Owner Operated | Imperial IPL

I am not normally one to go for an Imperial IPL (or IPA) these days, but why not during the hottest part of summer? The good people behind Austin Beerworks, who after 10 years somehow still get along with each other, decided to make a beer together. While it may be considered imperial, it clocks in at 8%, which makes it a more on the “sessionable” side of the imperial scale. Enjoy it while it’s still around in 4 packs from the taproom.

Photo Credit to ABW



Thank You and see you for the Next Edition of Staff Picks in a few weeks!!!

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