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When legendary Heavy Metal band Pantera contacted Texas Ale Project about creating a signature beer, the Dallas brewery didn’t hesitate for a second.

According to co-founder and CEO Kat Thompson, “when my husband [co-founder and brewmaster Brent Thompson] saw the email, he immediately said, ‘this is Pantera! We have to do this!’”

They first announced the collaboration last November, and thirsty craft fans and metalheads have anticipated the release ever since. Now, the wait is almost over — this drops at the taproom on February 27th, with a ticketed event that will include a virtual Q&A session with Pantera members Rex Brown and Philip Anselmo!

Pantera Golden Ale will be distributed across Texas, and the app-based craft beer retailer Tavour will provide access to beer drinkers around the country starting in March. This will mark the debut of Texas Ale Project’s fine ales outside of the state!

Thirsty Pantera fans who want a sip will need to:

1. Download the Tavour app.

2. Allow notifications from Tavour on the app and their device.

3. Enter code "pantera" on the promos page of the app.

When the beer is available to purchase, Tavour members who have entered the code will receive a push notification and the option to buy as long as the limited supply holds out!

For many fans of the genre, Pantera defined heavy metal music in the late 80’s and 90’s. They helped create the ‘groove metal’ sub-genre, and with over 10 Million albums sold globally, they’re widely regarded as one of the most influential bands in heavy metal history.

They were also well known for their post-show parties, so it’s safe to assume they know a few things about beer. And, since the band is originally from Texas, they reached out to one of the most celebrated breweries in their home state — the beloved Texas Ale Project.

“We reviewed several options with Pantera to pick the style,” says Thompson. Together, the band and brewery decided on a refreshing, 5.4% ABV Golden Ale. “It was something easy to drink that they might have drunk back in the day. It really was a collaborative effort.”

To give the brew a modern twist, the brewers added Cascade and Citra Hops to their Pilsen Malt base to create a drumbeat of grapefruit on the finish.

When news of the collab first dropped, it lit up music sites and message boards all over the internet. In order to reach fans outside of the Lone Star State, it made sense for Texas Ale Project to work with a company like Tavour. They’ve carried multiple band/brewery collaborations in the past, including a Pearl Jam beer from Georgetown Brewing, and Elder Pine Brewing’s special releases with metalcore band August Burns Red.

Any beer-drinking metalheads who are fortunate enough to live in Texas should watch Texas Ale Project’s social media for more information on the release party and where to find the beer. Otherwise, this hard-rocking brew will be available through the Tavour app in 25 states in early March, but only for those who enter the “pantera” promo code.

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