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Toppling Goliath is Entering the Texas Market

Iowa based Toppling Goliath recently received their TABC approvals to enter the Texas market. I reached out to them to see what we can expect when they start showing up on our shelves.

Do you have any current plans on when you want to hit the Texas market with your beers? 

As soon as the paperwork clears, we will begin.

Which beers can we look forward to seeing on the shelves? Cans/bottles and kegs? Will they regularly be showing up?

Flagship brands such as King Sue, Pseudo Sue, Pompeii, and Dorothy’s, as well as our rotational brands.

Do your plans include distributing to all of Texas or just a specific region?

All of the great state of Texas

For those who do not know much about your beer, what would you like the consumers to know?

We founded Toppling Goliath Brewing Company in 2009 in beautiful Decorah, Iowa. In less than a decade, we have grown from a home-based mom and pop shop, to a 100-barrel facility housing a taproom, restaurant, and brewery all in one location. We now distribute in over 27 states and create more than 40 beers that rotate throughout the year.

Craft beer enthusiasts have come from all around the world to attend our special release events and we are thrilled that the International accolades continue rolling in as well. We currently have the #1 beer in the world and are well known around the globe for our award-winning barrel-aged stouts and IPA’s.

We credit our meteoric rise to the talent, skill, and passion of our team coupled with our burning desire to continually push the limits and craft truly top-shelf beer. We invite Texas to fall in love with one of our flagship beers like Pseudo Sue or Dorothy’s New World Lager and are excited to send some exciting seasonal and rotational brands your way as well!

For more information on Toppling Goliath, please visit their website.


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