Circle Brewing 5th Anniversary Party

Circle Brewing 5th Anniversary Party!

Circle Brewing is kicking off SXSW right, they’re throwing a party to celebrate their 5th Anniversary.

They will have food trucks, live music, fun games, and limited release firkin tappings.

$15 gets attendees a collectable 5th anniversary glass and three drink tickets.

The 5th Anniversary Party will also serve as the beer release celebration for their brand new Historical IPA. Archetype Historical IPA is a beer 300 years in the making. Adhering to historical accuracy throughout its creation, this unique beer is the result of brewery owners’ passion for the historical roots of beer and the brewery’s mission of respecting the purity of where beer started.

Oowee Products will be onsite selling their Handcrafted Leather Beer Accessories.

Wünder Pig Barbecue Co. and mmmpanadas food trucks will be serving up delicious eats during the party.

Circle Brewing 5th Anniversary Party

The Details:

What: 5th Anniversary Party
Where: Circle Brewing Company
When: Saturday March 12, 1-5pm
Cost: Free to attend, $15 purchases a collectable anniversary glass and three beer pours
RSVP: Not required, but can RSVP on the Facebook event page to stay in the loop of updates, get info on food trucks and bands

Circle Brewing 5th Anniversary Party

Pictures From Last Years’s Anniversary Party

About Circle Brewing:

Circle Brewing Philosophy
purity. Not a word that you would commonly associate with beer these days. Sad, we know, but true. Adjuncts (rice and cheap sugars) frequently make their way into macro (and even some micro) beers, lowering quality and limiting taste. Thankfully, most beer drinkers can taste that for themselves. Unfortunately, what most don’t see through is the use of chemicals and additives to clarify, add head retention, stabilize, and artificially enhance poorly brewed beer.

Their Story:
In 2010, Circle Brewing Co. was founded by childhood friends Ben Sabel and Judson Mulherin. We began with little money and an over-abundance of passion. With some help from our friends and family, we pooled the money to retain a lease and start construction on the brewery in March of that year. After a long and grueling buildout, a few equipment delays, and a combination of good and bad luck, we brewed our first batch of beer on December 9th, 2010, our ENVY Amber.
Why Circle?
circle. People often ask us what the deal is with the name Circle. Understandable, it’s not particularly obvious. Ultimately, we were looking for a name that embodied our brewing philosophy of simplicity and purity in crafting uncomplicated, yet perfect beers. We believe our emphasis on brewing the finest beer from simply four ingredients produces the greatest results. For us, the circle resonates as a symbol of simplicity and perfection and ultimately exemplifies our brewing philosophy.

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