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It was an amazing opportunity for Texas brewers to have the largest craft beer industry conference planned for San Antonio this year. The Brewers Association hosts the Craft Brewers Conference each year in a different location around the country. This was going to be the first time it was held in Texas and boy; we were all looking forward to it. I’ve said it many times, we don’t get the recognition we deserve in the national beer scene as so much of our beer never makes it out of the state, for various reasons. So, this was going to be an amazing time for Texas brewers. Epic, if you will.

However, starting next Monday, April 13 the Brewers Association is launching CBC Online, a FREE five-week virtual version of CBC covering brewing operations, sales and distribution, marketing and social media, safety, ingredients and supplies, and more. Sessions run through May 15 with both morning and afternoon sessions and recordings will be available through May 31.

See the conference schedule here and register to attend today!

“Since we’re all social distancing and getting our share of screen time, CBC Online is an opportunity to invest in our collective education, so that when the dust finally settles, we will emerge stronger and smarter than ever before. I promise you’ll leave with some great new ideas to bring to your job.” states the website, “We’ll get through this crazy time, and we’ll do it by investing in ourselves, our businesses, and each other. Cheers!”

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