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Here is a quick Hops & Grain update:

Hops and Grain Brewing is currently in the works to get their license switched over from a brewery license over to a brewpub license. The main advantage for them is that they will be able to sell beer to go. They will also be able to avoid the current taproom barrel limits over multiple locations. Since H&G founder, Josh Hare, also has an ownership stake in Kerrville’s Pint & Plow and two other future Hops & Grain locations, it made more sense to move forward with brewpub permits.

With production spread out over the two main H&G locations, they will easily be able to stay under the 10k bbl limit that a brewpub license holder is limited to. Pint & Plow, which is a restaurant and brewery, will be able to operate more like a traditional brewpub as well.

As far as their new San Marcos location goes, it is currently a bit behind where they would like it to be due to some structural issues with the building. With that said, it looks like November will be the time that they start testing their equipment with an opening following sometime after that.

Then, their sour facility will follow, which currently is aiming for a Spring opening in far East Austin. This facility is currently being used as can storage until the San Marcos facility can open up to offload them there. Once the sour facility is open, the brewpub license will help them be able to sell bottles on site there, as opposed to being forced to sell them through distribution means.

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