The Journeyman Brewer Academy was founded in 2015 to fill a fast-growing need for breweries to locate and staff highly educated talent at the front line of brewing operations. To quote the founder, Peter Boettcher, “The “Brewer” is the backbone of any brewery, small or large, and skilled, educated brewers with the talent and knowledge needed to correctly perform the craft can be extremely difficult to find.”

Master Brewer, founder, and instructor, Peter Boettcher, holds a degree in Brewing Science and is a certified trainer of brewers from the Doemens World Brewing Academy. Since the program started, Journeyman Brewer Academy has had more than 200 students successfully graduate from the program and begin pursuing careers in the brewing industry.

Journeyman Brewer Academy provides first-class education combined with state-of-the-art brewing technology and science that will transform your brewing concept into a profitable reality. Brewing beer is an art, a craft, and a science. It takes highly skilled and educated people in Management and Operations to consistently brew high-quality beers in an efficient way. Education, quality ingredients, and the right equipment will yield consumer demand for a superior product. Journeyman Brewer Academy firmly believes in education. There is no substitution for knowledgeable and educated professional craftsmen and craftswomen doing what they do best.

Courses Offered

Courses at the Journeyman Brewer Academy provide fundamental knowledge in brewing science and technology, including hands-on internship experience at participating breweries across the nation. Two main courses are offered at the Academy; the Journeyman Brewer Certification course and the advanced Technical Brewer course. Both courses are offered online and are based on the latest brewing technology and practices.

Journeyman Brewer

This is an educational program tailored to the needs of Micro, Craft, and Industrial Brewing personnel working within the production side of the brewing industry. The program teaches a fundamental understanding of all aspects of the brewing process, including machinery and equipment for brewing and packaging. The Journeyman Brewer class is a one-of-a-kind program in brewing education. It is based on the dual system, it combines theoretical knowledge with a hands-on internship experience at a brewery! This Journeyman Brewer Certification course includes a two-week practical hands-on Internship at a local brewery where students are immersed in day-to-day brewery operations.

Technical Brewer Certification Program

The Technical Brewer Certification program is an advanced educational program in Brewing Technology and Brewing Operations Management. It’s tailored to the needs of Leadership in the Brewing Industry and provides the necessary theoretical and practical background for Lead Brewers and Head Brewers to successfully manage and lead Brewing Operations. The Technical Brewer Certification program consists of 2 classes: The Applied Brewing Science Class and the Advanced Brewing Practices Class.

Learn more about the program offered here.

Biography of the Instructor

After a 2 ½ year internship at the Ganter Brewing Company in Freiburg, Peter Boettcher studied at the University of Weihenstephan and graduated at Doemens World Brewing Academy in Munich/Germany.

With more than 30 years as an award-winning Master Brewer with a proven track record of success in Leadership positions, including positions at MillerCoors, Pacific Western Brewing Company, Abita Brewing Company, and Expert Consulting; working with international projects for the European Union and with ABInBev, Peter is highly qualified to teach brewing technology and science to students who want to enter or excel in the brewing industry.

Peter teaches each class personally!

Peter says “What is unique about the Journeyman Brewers program is that it is tailored to the brewers and operators working in the industry. It is based on the dual system where you combine theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on working experience. This course is also ideal for passionate home-brewers who seek to get their foot into the door of the professional brewing industry and at the same time remains relevant to current brewery personnel.”

Brewing is a science, an art, a craft, and an industry.

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