Craft Beer Austin Staff Picks | Back to School Special

Summer is over and it’s back to school time for many people. So, whether you are headed back to school, sending kids back to school or you are just ready for a bit more normality, then go have one of our current favorite beers.  The theme with Craft Beer Austin Staff Picks this go-around was simply to find the beer that we like right now to relax and unwind while supporting local breweries.  


Vacancy Brewing | June | Pilsner

Vacancy’s June is a perfect Summer / End of Summer beer. I discovered it first at the brewery on a very hot June day (the perfect time to drink a beer called June) and it was the exact right way to start brewery hopping at 4.9% and with a clean, crisp finish.  They describe it as an anytime beer and it definitely stands up to that designation. It’s also recently available at a couple of my favorite beer bars, where they have managed to get kegs on tap. Per the Instagram post, go get some to go.


Austin Beerworks | Mel’s Like Teen Spirit | Hoppy Lager

Brewed in collaboration with the Austin chapter of Pink Boots Society, this hoppy lager hits the spot on a hot day. Coming in at 6% ABV, this crispy lager was brewed with the specialty Pink Boots Blend from Yakima Chief consisting of Cashmere, Ahtanum®, Citra®, Loral® & Sabro® hops.

Mels Like Teen Spirit
Photo Credit to ABW


Pinthouse Pizza | Burro’s Breakfast | Mexican Lager

Pinthouse Burro’s Breakfast Mexican Lager – This summer my fridge is exploding with lagers and pilsners and it makes me so happy! So many good choices in Austin, but my absolute go-to is Pinthouse’s Burros Breakfast Mexican Lager. I know Pinthouse is known for its IPAs, but this might be one of the most perfect beers they’ve ever made. Getting it on tap means you get a juicy lime with it and it is delicious. (You can also snag this summer crusher in 16oz 4-packs…hint, hint.) It’s crisp, and I appreciate the corn-forward sweetness. I’m just so impressed with this beer and I could drink it basically all day. Cheers to summer and all the beers that compliment it perfectly!

Pinthouse Pizza
Photo Credit to Pinthouse Pizza


Hopsquad | Architetto Ruffini | Italian Pilsner

My favorite go-to beer this summer has been Architetto Ruffini, an Italian Pilsner from Hopsquad.  I have been watching the Austin FC games quite a bit at Hopsquad. They have a great location to the stadium and a great watch party set up. Therefore, I have been drinking the Italian Pilsner to keep myself hydrated. It is only 4.9% abv and I find myself thinking that it is actually my favorite beer from Hopsquad. It is a nice refreshing, light, crisp summer beer.

Photo credit: Hopsquad



Southern Heights | Preferred Variables | Czech Dark Lager

Many people do not associate darker colored beers with a good summer beer. Well, you are missing out here. This Czech Dark Lager has been one of my go to beers at Southern Heights. It has everything you really need in a summer beer – light, flavorful, and coming in at just 5.2% ABV. It is hard to skip over their great IPAs, but give it a shot next time you are there.



See you for the Next Edition of Craft Beer Austin Staff Picks in a few weeks!

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