Meridian Hive Releases Seasonal Cherry Flavor

Meridian Hive’s Cherry mead is back for Fall 2021 (photo courtesy of Meridian Hive).

For most Austin breweries, the fall seasonal release is a Marzen, Festbier, or a pumpkin beer. Meridian Hive is taking its Autumn release in a different direction. The meadery announced the return of their popular cherry flavor on September 27th.

Cherry combinations tart cherry flavor with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and almond. While that may sound like a certain Texas-made soda, Cherry is all-natural. Like all Meridian Hive products, now referred to as “hard honey”, it is made from orange blossom honey and real fruit. It also is gluten and preservative-free.

The return of Cherry is a big event for mead fans. “We definitely get the most calls from our customers when the Cherry runs dry. I still remember a call from a bar owner requesting that we never stop making Cherry, because his customers line up at the door for their Cherry fix. We promise there are no illicit substances in our drinks, but that tart cherry will definitely get you hooked.” Cayce Rivers, Meridian Hive’s CEO, says of the Cherry release.

To celebrate the release, Meridian Hive founder Mike Simmons will be doing a live tasting on October 12th at 5:30 pm on Instagram. Simmons will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Cherry as well as giving fans time to ask their own questions via Instagram live.

Cherry is available in four packs both online and at major and at local retailers and will be available until Spring of 2022.

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