Meridian Hive Invites Patrons to “Grow with Them” to Save the Bees & the Environment

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Austin’s own Meridian Hive announced exciting new efforts to make the world a more eco-friendly place and they want their customers to join the mission! Through a combined mission of seeking earth-loving packaging and their “Grow with Us” campaign to champion the honeybees’ future existence, they are raising awareness for a sustainable world. 

What is the “Grow with Us” Program?

The “Grow with Us” initiative is part of Meridian Hive’s BeeConscious™ campaign raising awareness of the health threats honeybees face. The past several years have seen a devastating decline in bee populations leading to environmental impacts that will affect humanity. Unfortunately, humans are also the culprit for the existence of pesticides, environmental toxins, and destruction of habitats and food sources which have led to this threat. Meridian Hive realizes this falls on all of us to take responsibility and action asking for your help. The Meridian Hive team is passionate about bees and the magic they make…without honey, they can’t make their delicious drinks to share! 

Beginning in November, Meridian Hive’s Mixed 4-packs will contain one wildflower seed paper with an inspirational eco-friendly message to spread awareness and encourage the creation of honeybee habitats. 

“We started the ‘Bee Conscious ™‘ campaign a few years ago to share our passion and spread the word… We depend on bees, and so do you!” Rivers concludes.

What’s Next in Eco-Friendly Packaging?

To-go packaging has become a staple through necessity during the pandemic leading to a continued plastic waste abundance. Meridian Hive vows to eliminate plastic carriers from their business model shifting to recycled cardboard boxes for their variety packs. “As we continue to expand and grow, we are committed to finding cost-effective measures to reduce our plastic footprint further,” Cayce Rivers, the company’s CEO explained. This innovative new packaging is crafted from unbleached kraft paperboard, produced with up to 15% recycled fibers, and substantially more environmentally conscious. They proudly offer their mixed four-packs of Blackberry, Honey, Lemon, and Peach in these earth-loving portable homes.


Photo credit to Meridian Hive

You can also expect their 4-pack toppers to shift to photo-degradable eco-friendly plastic rings. Rivers continues, “In the current retail environment, can carriers are a necessity for our products. For the craft beverage industry, the standard has been plastic 4 or 6 pack carriers. Last year, our team was determined to find more environmentally friendly options, and I’m proud to see that we now have two new options hitting the shelves.”

Way to go Meridian Hive! Thank you for doing so much for our environment!

[Feature photo credit to Meridian Hive]




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