TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Jan 20 2015

On most weeks, TABC releases Label and Brewery approvals that have been approved for sale in Texas. Every beer that is sold in Texas has to go through this process before you can see it on store shelves. This is a way to see what beer will be coming into the Texas market before it shows up at your local bottle shop or craft beer bar. The time frame between showing up on the label approval list and hitting the shelves could be anywhere from a day to a couple of months out.

The same can be said for breweries. The brewery approvals tend to be even further out. Every brewery sold in Texas has to go through the same process to get approved by the TABC. Once they do this, they can then get labels approved.

I only include craft beer labels that have been approved.

After each label, I have indicated what they have been approved to sell in. They are as follows:

K = Keg
B = Large format bottle
bb = 16oz format bottle
b = Small format bottle
c = Small format (12oz) can
C = Larger format cans

This week’s TABC Label releases:

8th Wonder – Astroturf (K)
8th Wonder – Flash in the Pan (K)
Audacity – Bulletproof Pale Ale (c)
Audacity – Sunset Ale (c)
Boulevard – Belgian Style IPA (b, K)
Boulevard – Black Pale Ale (b, K)
Four Corners – DFG Pale (K)
Goose Island – Oktoberfest (b, K)
Harpoon – UFO Gingerland (b, K)
Hitachino Nest – Saison du Japon (b, K)
Jolly Pumpkin – La Roja Du Kriek Sour Amber (B, K)
Lazy Magnolia – Bramblin Man Blackberry Sour Wheat Ale (b, K)
New Belgium – Film Noir Milk Stout (K)
Nine Band – The Badge (K)
Nine Band – Whitetail Blonde (K)
Odell – Twisted Tusk IPA (K)
Rabbit Hole – Rude Jester IPA (K)
SanTan – Count Hopula Blood Red IPA (K)
SanTan – Devil’s Pale Ale (c, K)
SanTan – Epicenter Amber Ale (K)
SanTan – Fat Albert Hey Hey Hey Wyweight Brown Ale (K)
SanTan – Heavy D Overweight IPA (K)
SanTan – Hefewiezen Arizona Wheat Beer (c, K)
SanTan – Hopshock IPA (c, K)
SanTan – Kilohop Lucius IPA (K)
SanTan – Limeleaf Cream Ale (K)
SanTan – Moonjuice Galaxy IPA (K)
SanTan – Mr. Pineapple (c, K)
SanTan – Oktoberfest (c, K)
SanTan – Sex Panther Chocolate Porter (c, K)
SanTan – Sunspot Gold (c, K)
SanTan – The Mad Czar Russian Imperial Stout (K)
SanTan – Winter Warmer (K)
Save the World – Agnus Dei Witbier (K)
Save the World – Froctum Bonum Saison (K)
Save the World – Humlus Filius Belgian Style Pale Ale (K)
Save the World – Lux Mundi Patersbier (K)
Stone – Points Unknown IPA (B, K)
Texian – Aurora (B, K)
Texian – The Donkey Lady Sour (B, K)

TABC Brewery Approvals:

Cerveceria Albur – Mexico

A couple things to take from these releases:

This is going to be short today – I am on vacation and the daily power cut in the town I am at in Zambia is going to start in 15 minutes and be out for a solid 5 hours. So, I am trying to get this out before that happens.

SanTan – Looks like they are getting a lot of new labels. There are a lot of repeats for them in there, but there are a couple of new ones. Mostly, they are just getting their new labels approved.

Santan Brewing Logo

Labels Approved:

TABC Label and Brewery Approvals July 7 2015-Audacity BulletProof Audacity Sunset Boulevard Brewing Tasting Room Belgian IPA Boulevard Brewing Tasting Room Black Ale Jolly Pumpkin Roja Du Kriek Lazy Magnolia Bramblin Man SanTan Brewing Company Devils Ale SanTan Brewing Company Hefeweizen SanTan Brewing Company Hopshock SanTan Brewing Company Mr Pineapple SanTan Brewing Company Sex Panther SanTan Brewing Company Sunspot Gold Stone Brewing Points Unknown IPA Texian Brewing Aurora Texian Brewing Donkey Lady Sour
TABC Label and Brewery Approvals July 7 

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