I am giving a shout out to Eureka Heights. Your label approvals actually had me laugh as I was putting them in. If you can end up naming all your beers off of Creed songs, I will be impressed. You win this week.

As of today, Bell’s Brewery also has approval to sell in TX. I am not expecting it to be here that soon, but, I am surprised by how quickly they received TABC approval.

This week’s TABC Label Approvals:

K = Keg
B = Large format bottle
bb = 16oz format bottle
b = Small format bottle
c = Small format (12oz) can
cc = 16oz format can
C = Larger format can

Abita – 30th Anniversary Belgian Style IPA (B)
Adelbert’s – Whimsical Series Barrel Aged Cherry Sour Ale (B)
Adelbert’s – Castaway Blonde Ale (K)
Adelbert’s – Vintage Series Barrel Aged Trifecta Sour (K)
Alesmith – Spring Bock (K)
Clown Shoes – Mango American Kolsch (K)
Ballast Point – Serrano Pale Ale (K)
BJ’s – Nit Wit (K)
Brewery Ommegang – Great Beyond Double IPA (b, K)
Brouwerij Van Steenberge – Monk’s Cafe (c, K)
Bruery – Terreux Beret Imperial Sour Wit (B, K)
Coney Island – Overpass IPA (b)
Coney Island – Lager (b)
Coney Island – Hard Root Beer (b)
Coop Ale Works – F5 IPA (c, K)
Coop Ale Works – Native Amber Red IPA (c, K)
Coop Ale Works – Horny Toad Blonde Ale (c, K)
Coop Ale Works – DNR Belgian Style Ale (c, K)
Destihl – Wild Sour Plum Sour Stout (K)
Einstok – Icelandic Arctic Berry Ale (c)
Eureka Heights – My Own Pilsner (K)
Eureka Heights – My Stoutrifice (K)
Eureka Heights – One Last Brett (K)
Eureka Heights – What’s This Lite For (K)
Eureka Heights – Wit Arms Ryed Open (K)
Founder’s – Misty Mountain Hop Brown Ale (K)
Jester King – Intersection of Species (B)
Jolly Pumpkin – Saison Z Ale (B)
Jolly Pumpkin – North Peak Archangel Summer Wheat (b)
Karbach – KR D Series Experimental IPA (K)
Mission – Plunder IPA (b, B, K)
Ranger Creek – Hard Days Night (b)
Sun Brewing – Vertigo Pale Ale (K)
Twisted X – Cow Creek Amber (c, K)
Twisted X – Later Days Session IPA (c, K)
Twisted X – Chupahopra IPA (c, K)
Twisted X – Austin Lager (c, K)
Under The Radar – Port Authority (K)
Under The Radar – Love Hefeweizen (K)
Victory – Summer Love Ale (b)
Whitestone – Porch Daddy Baltic Porter (K)

Brewery Approvals:

Note: I have only been putting new brewery approvals here – anything that is just getting reapproved, I do not list. Along with this, any macro brewery that is approved, I do not put. An example of this would be things like a South Korean macro brewery.

(For TX breweries: B = Brewery, BP = Brewpub)

Bell’s Brewery – Michigan
Hemisphere Brewing – Rockwall (B)
Founding Father’s Brewing – Minnesota
Minhas Craft Brewery – Wisconsin

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abita 30th anniversary TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 3 2016 adelberts barrel aged cherry sour TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 3 2016 bruery beret TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 3 2016 coney island hard root beer coney island lager TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 3 2016 coney island overpass coop dnr coop horny toad coop native amber einstok arctic berry jester king intersection jolly pumpkin saison z mission plunder ipa monks cafe north peak archangle ommegang great beyond ranger creek hard days night twisted x austin lager twisted x chupahopbra twisted x cow creek twisted x later days

TABC Label and Brewery Approvals June 3 2016

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