Biggest news this week is that the first Wicked Weed beers are now approved in Texas. No real idea on when they plan to start hitting the shelves, but I am guessing it will not take too long.

The label approval list is relatively short this week, but I think this is partly due to about 100 Boston Beer Company approvals on different labels for their shandy. I just ignored them, as they are pointless to include.

This week’s TABC Label Approvals:

K = Keg
B = Large format bottle
bb = 16oz format bottle
b = Small format bottle
c = Small format (12oz) can
cc = 16oz format can
C = Larger format can

4th Tap – Sun Eater Rosemary Gruit (c)
Avery – Joe’s Pils Hoppy American Pilsner (c)
Avery – Barrel Aged Series Callipygian Stout (b, K)
Braman Brewery – Running Walker The Pilsner
Braman Brewery – Running Walker Texas Reserve IPA
Braman Brewery – Running Walker Kolsch (b)
Breckenridge – Small Batch Series Kings Dish (b, K)
Brewery Ommegang – Barrel-Aged Three Philosophers (B, K)
Cobra Brewing – Humulus Chilupulus Smoked Pale Ale (K)
Cobra – Barrel Aged All Eyez On Me Ale (K)
Deschutes – Down N Dirty IPA (B)
Deschutes – Nitro Cream Ale (K)
Deschutes – Big Rig Classic Pub Ale (B)
Elysian – The Immortal IPA (b, K)
Elysian – Space Dust IPA (b, K)
Full Sail – Wassial Winter Ale (b)
Full Sail – Capsize Imperial Pilsner (B, K)
Gordon Street Tavern – Hefeweizen Ale (K)
Gordon Street Tavern – Amarillo India Pale Ale (K)
Guns & Oil – American Lager (K)
New Belgium – Lips of Faith Clutch Wood Aged Sour Stout (B, K)
New Belgium – Lips of Faith Tart Lychee (B, K)
Noble Rey – Vertigo Imperial IPA (c)
Noble Rey – Sex in a Canoe Beer (K)
Odell – Beyond IPA (K)
Odell – Cherry Chocolate Whisky Barrel Stout (K)
Odell – Dead Man TNT Chocolate Stout (K)
Ranger Creek – Hard Days Night (K)
Southern Tier – Pilsner (c, K)
Stone – It’s Pizza Time Cali-Belgique IPA (K)
Victory – Cage Radler (b, K)
Victory – Frische Weisse Tart Wheat Ale (b, K)
Victory – Tart Ten Ale (B, K)
Wicked Weed – Parking Lot Grisette (bb, K)
Wicked Weed – La Bonte Tart Plum (bb, K)
Wicked Weed – Marina American Sour (bb, K)
Wicked Weed – Oblivion Sour Red Ale (bb, K)

Brewery Approvals:

Note: I have only been putting new brewery approvals here – anything that is just getting reapproved, I do not list. Along with this, any macro brewery that is approved, I do not put. An example of this would be things like a South Korean macro brewery.

(For TX breweries: B = Brewery, BP = Brewpub)

Friends & Allies – Austin (B)
Vormann Brauerei – Germany
Kostritzer Schwarzbierbrauerei – Germany
Coney Island Brewing – New York

Select Labels

avery callipygian TABC Label and Brewery Approvals May 27 2016 avery joes pils TABC Label and Brewery Approvals May 27 2016 braman ipa TABC Label and Brewery Approvals May 27 2016 braman kolsch TABC Label and Brewery Approvals May 27 2016 braman pilsner deschutes big rig deschutes down and dirty elysian space dust elysian the immortal full sail imperial pilsner full sail wassial new belgium clutch new belgium tart lychee noble rey vertigo ommegang barrel aged three southern tier pilsner victory cage radler victory frische weisse victory tart ten wicked weed la bonte wicked weed marina wicked weed oblivion Wicked Weed Parking lot

TABC Label and Brewery Approvals May 27 2016

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