The Beerists | 549 – Turkish Delight

The Beerists podcast is recorded in Austin, TX and each week we will be featuring the latest episode. The content below is an excerpt from the latest Beerists podcast release:

Listener Max sent us a couple of beers from Turkey, we revisit an old favorite, and try the newest beer from a legendary abbey! Oh, and Grant tells an incredible story of an unfortunate piece of graffiti. No show next week!

  • Feliz Kulpa Queen Smyrna Anatolian Wit
  • Trokya Mars Red Ale
  • Dogfish Head 90 Minute
  • Rochefort Triple Extra

Theme Music by Adrian Quesada

End Credits Music: Earth (Light It Up) by Tilden Parc, Xavy Rusan

Additional music licensed through Epidemic Sound

Photo courtesy of The Beerists

The Beerists are John Rubio, Grant Davis, Pam Catoe, and Mark Raup.

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