The Best Places to Get an Imperial Stout in August

There are two kinds of people:

  1. “It’s summer, so I’m gonna go for a nice lager or easy-drinking IPA!”
  2. “I don’t care about the weather, give me a 14% chocolate cinnamon coconut stout right now.”

This article is for group 2.  Here are the best places to get a strong dessert stout (on draft) in the middle of August.

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The Brew and Brew

In my opinion, one of the most underrated beer bars in Austin is The Brew & Brew (formally Wright Bros.) on East 5th.  They have over 30 taps, with a beer “graph” on the wall that sorts their beers from light at the top to dark at the bottom, and from less hoppy on the left to more hoppy on the right (though they need a third dimension for “sour” – these tend to get tossed on the bottom left).  Anyway, since you’re reading this article, you’ll want to look at the bottom row to find some barrel-aged stouts not available anywhere else.  Currently on tap:

  • FiftyFifty, “Eclipse – Rye Cuvée (2019)”
    • Aged in premium rye whiskey barrels.  12.8% ABV
  • Oskar Blues, “Barrel-Aged Ten FIDY (2016)”
    • Aged in bourbon barrels.  12.9% ABV
  • Martin House, “Columbiana”
    • Cherry & coconut stout aged in rum barrels.  12.5% ABV
Photo Credit: Brew and Brew

The Brass Tap – Austin and The Brass Tap – Round Rock

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’re aware that The Brass Tap – Austin opens this week at The Triangle.  The Craft Beer Austin team had an opportunity to check it out, and we can report that they’ve got some rich, sweet stouts ready to go (and for those of you feeling nauseous right now, they have lighter beers as well).  Currently on tap:

  • Avery, “Tweak (2023)”
    • Coffee stout aged in bourbon barrels.  13.1% ABV
  • Clown Shoes, “Mist on the Oaks”
    • Aged in bourbon and rum barrels.  10% ABV
  • Boulevard, “Brewa Bunga Cove”
    • Coffee, hazelnut, and vanilla golden stout.  8% ABV

The Brass Tap – Round Rock has its share of bangers as well:

  • Martin House, “Kokytus”
    • Aged in rye barrels with cacao nibs.  14% ABV
  • Boulevard, “Proper Pour (2023)”
    • Aged in bourbon and cabernet wine barrels.  12.6% ABV
  • Evil Twin, “Miami’s Finest” (can)
    • Vanilla, coconut, and coffee stout.  15.5% ABV
Photo Credit: The Brass Tap


Speaking of Bangers, they are next on the list.  They just celebrated their anniversary party with 6 imperial stouts from the cellar; but don’t let that temporary increase deceive you, because they always have a few options.  Here’s what’s currently on tap, and was not part of the limited anniversary release:

  • Burlington Beer Co, “Dream Eater”
    • Cinnamon toast crunch, coffee, vanilla, and lactose stout.  8% ABV
  • Zilker, “Whiskey Barrel Aged Elfie Sunshine”
    • Coffee milk stout aged in whiskey barrels with cacao nibs.  8% ABV
  • Martin House, “Acheron (2022)”
    • Aged in whiskey barrels.  12% ABV
Photo Credit: Bangers


The fancy French gastropub with a surprisingly strong beer list, Hopfields, naturally has a few stouts amongst their tap wall of more than 35 lines.  I’m gonna have to break the rule of three here though, because they only have two right now:

  • Firestone Walker, “Parabola (2022)”
    • Aged in bourbon barrels.  14.1% ABV
  • AleSmith, “Speedway Stout”
    • Coffee stout.  12% ABV
  • I’ll throw in a bonus IPA here instead.  Sierra Nevada, “Hoptimum”
    • Triple IPA.  11% ABV
Photo Credit: Hopfields

Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing Co

There’s only one brewery in town with multiple imperial stouts, and it’s Red Horn – but only the original location in Cedar Park.  Their new spot in Leander is lovely, don’t get me wrong, but they’re keeping the good stuff at the coffee house.  Here’s what they’ve got:

  • “The S.O.N. Coconut Double Stout”
    • Vanilla, coconut, and lactose stout.  8.5% ABV
  • “Superfly Candy Milk Stout”
    • Chocolate, peanut, caramel, lactose, and (a dash of) salt stout.  9% ABV
  • “Brewer’s Stash: Brown Sugar Rum BA Imperial Coffee Stout”
    • The name has it covered.  13.5% ABV
Photo Credit: Red Horn

More Breweries

I’ve found three other breweries with an imperial stout on tap right now.

  • Southern Heights, “Hoodie Weather”
    • Cacao nibs, vanilla beans, dark chocolate, and coffee stout.  10.3% ABV
  • Rentsch, “King of Stouts”
    • Georgetown imperial stout.  10% ABV
  • Family Business, “The Grackle”
    • Hill Country imperial stout.  9.5% ABV
Photo Credit: Southern Heights

Other Beer Bars

And those are pretty much the only spots where you can reliably get an imperial stout on draft right now (RIP Thrive Craft House).  However, you can try your luck at these other spots with eclectic tap lists, that may rotate one in now and then:

What’s your favorite place to find an out-of-season beer style? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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