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When I started writing for back in 2015, my first series of articles was about Women in Beer. I am happy to announce that thanks to the ladies of the Austin chapter of the Pink Boots Society, I am bringing back the Women in Beer series. This edition features Paige Martin, Sales and Quality Manager for Second Pitch Beer Co. out of San Antonio, Texas.

Describe your average week. What are you responsible for?

At my brewery, I am responsible for outside sales to local bars and restaurants, line cleaning at accounts, and beer delivery. Under the QC side, I lead our tasting panels, review the notes and discuss with the brewer any inconsistencies or quality changes. I coordinate and lead staff training and educational workshops for the community through our Women in the (Brew)house project.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Training our staff and educating the community is definitely my favorite part. It’s where I can truly share my passion and see that same passion grow for others.

What challenges have you faced in this or previous roles in the beer industry?

Before I was in my current position I definitely faced some trouble breaking into the “boys club”. Proving my value and knowledge was a struggle in regular conversations and job interviews.

How long have you been working in the beer industry? What did you do before this role?

I started bartending in 2013 and fell completely in love with beer. I’ve beertended at several craft places like Flying Saucer and the 49th State Brewery in Alaska.

If someone asked you to describe the current state of today’s craft beer climate what would you say?

The beer world is always a reflection of the real world but through the slightly more pleasant lens of a beer glass. We have the same troubles but everyone is always more willing to be hopeful with a pint in hand. Craft beer culture and business are made up of so many different people but I think we are really making strides towards having everyone’s voice heard at the table.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you, your company, and/or the industry as a whole?

Second Pitch’s Women in the (Brew)house project was started by our owners Sam and Jim Hansen as a way to get those who might not be the first to raise their hands a seat at the table. So far we have done Beer 101, Yeast and European Beers, and Off-Flavors classes. So far, about 50 women have come through the Beer 101 class so we hold those every month.

Has Pink Boots played a role in your career? If so, how?

I just joined Pink Boots this year and so far have found a wonderful community of women who are more than willing to share knowledge and opportunities and laughs and beers. It’s been incredible and we are hoping to have a full San Antonio chapter this year.

What question(s) are you tired of answering/getting asked?

“Do you really drink beer?” That’s probably my most hated question.

What beer are you currently enjoying the most?

Second Pitch just released our Original Guavity, a Trappist Single with Guava. This was a brew created and brewed by the Women of Second Pitch and it turned out so delightfully tart but so drinkable. And it was my favorite brew day I have ever been a part of.

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