Our friends at Beerburg Brewing have continued to overcome the hurdles of opening during a pandemic and have even released an exciting new beer series they are calling the Wildcraft Series. Not only that, but they are also excited to stay ahead of the curve with some innovative technology as well! 

Beerburg was founded on the love for the great outdoors & connecting with the natural beauty that the Texas Hill Country offers. This series is meant to fully embody that passion and feature ingredients that are found around all of us…if we are willing to look! “Our curiosity and desire to connect with our home led us to become herbalists and permaculture experts during the two years it took us to build our facilities,” states Trevor Nearburg, Founder. Using ingredients that are foraged & locally harvested on the property provide an incredible opportunity for the team to create a unique experience, and allow guests to enjoy a one-in-a-million brew. 

Photo credit to Beerburg Brewing

The love and care the Beerburg team puts into each beer is incredibly transparent in allowing each beer to have its own story and to ensure that story is being told with the utmost respect. The continuous seasonal and small-batch brews that were planned to rotate at Beerburg were always meant to be enjoyed on-site in the beautiful oasis they have worked so hard to create. Although they never planned on packaging their beer, the pandemic has forced Beerburg to test their creativity in reimagining their business model. Beerburg’s passion is apparent as they strive to adapt and yet never compromise their values. Their answer to this modern-day dilemma? 

Augmented Reality. 

“We always have a desire to innovate and we wanted a new way to connect our customers with the stories and ingredients that make this lineup of beers unique. We decided that creating dynamic virtual spaces on our labels using AR could be our way to bring the concept of Beerburg and wildcrafting to our customers since they could not safely visit the property,” says Nearburg. He goes onto note, “part of our training was in alchemy. Brewers were historically considered alchemists because of the transformative nature of fermentation. Since alchemy in practice blends modern science and philosophy, our use of herbal knowledge with modern brewing techniques, all conveyed through AR is a really cool way to continue developing ourselves as modern alchemists.” 

They knew they wanted to push the boundaries using informative links of their homebrewing recipes, as well as information on their webpage, Untapped page, and YouTube channel called Beerburg Brewtube where you can enjoy their virtual happy hours. As Beerburg continues to push the creative limits of stellar recipe creation, they developed an app available for iPhone & Android that provides an interactive experience regarding their brews. This is yet another way for Beerburg to connect and stay “Better Together” throughout our socially distant times.

Beers come in 500ml bottles with labels beautifully crafted by local artist, muralist, photographer, & friend of the brewery, Fabian Rey. Rey uses a unique style combo of utilizing the botany of the particular beer’s main ingredient and conveys it in a scientific yet abstract manner. Other creative minds behind this series include 16Bit Pileup, a Chicago based Visual Studio, who embraced the concept and shifted the illustrations into the AR space, as well as Fort Dearborn who coordinated on the beer labeling puzzle piece. According to Beerburg, this was basically a creative dream team, fully embracing Beerburg’s vibe and vision. Their combined efforts have helped create this innovative customer engagement experience. 

Photo credit to Beerburg Brewing

Clearly, no business expected 2020 to deal a blow like a worldwide pandemic. When Beerburg emerged onto the scene earlier this year, they expected to have the opportunity to share their hard work with the community. Please continue to support your local breweries. Check out all the amazing ways Beerburg is innovating and make a trip out to the Texas Hill Country to say hello! The 15-acre space absolutely will not disappoint and the delicious beer & food are well worth the scenic drive! Cheers to the Wildcraft series!

[Feature image credit to Beerburg Brewing]

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