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In the spirit of taking a fresh look at Craft Beer Austin Staff Picks, I asked the team to tell me what venues and beer they would most likely to be able to safely and easily sit down and frequent right now.  So, its not necessarily our favorite places or beers, but instead, its the location and beer that each of us are craving at this exact moment.  The rationale could be nostalgia or it could be friends and flavor or possibly a place we just haven’t had a chance to visit in awhile.  With that guidance, here are the team’s picks for some of the Best Beers and Venues in Austin that we would most like to enjoy right now.



Oddwood | Her Black Wings Schwarzbier

I miss the cozy indoors at Oddwood so very much. Bellying up to the wooden bar and chatting with Bryan, Randy, Lance, Taylor, Brett, ZZ or the rest of the top-notch team warms my heart, dearly. Oddwood has done a fantastic job adapting to Covid-19 and all its rules, but sitting inside next to the yule log channel on the projector screen this time of the year? Now that, THAT is what I want my chilly Texas evenings to consist of. I dream of the day I can sit inside and cheers my fellow patrons with a “Her Black Wings” Schwarzbier. That smooth, malty, roastiness is one of my favorite winter beers. How great does that sound? Sigh… I know we’re all exhausted and miss each other. Wear your masks Austinites. This pandemic’s not gone…We can beat this if we stick together…(metaphorically.) Happy New Year!”

Photo Credit: Oddwood Ales


Hold Out Brewing | Ol’ Gil Pils

Why, hello 2021. I have to say last year was hard, but there were a few bright spots in my year. One bright spot were all the new breweries that opened during Covid, along with the numerous other breweries putting out new releases (many of which were in cans that I could enjoy at home). I had probably more beers than usual sitting in my backyard during the Spring before being able to safely hit up our usual patio spots. One of my new favorite spots has become Hold Out Brewing. It quickly became my go to Sunday brunch patio hang out due to their friendly reservation system, spaced out tables, and numerous beers to enjoy with your small groups. Yet, I still cannot wait to see what the inside of the brewery will bring. Their delicious food, not limited just the burger, and their beers like Ol’ Gil  Pilsner and more will keep you coming back.

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Schwab



6th St Dive Bars | Craft Pride | Any beer with a crowd again

For 2021: I cannot wait to have a beer with a bunch of random people who I do not know…and some that I do know, but haven’t seen in months. Brewery anniversary parties in Austin have always been a blast, the community comes together, and enjoys beers. No worries of social distancing or masks. Or just being able to go sit at a bar and talk with a bartender. At this point, I am almost tempted to say that the venue I am looking forward to the most is some random crowded 6th Street bar (that I never normally frequent pre-Covid) just because I can again. I will probably feel disgusted of it after 30 min and make my way over to somewhere like Craft Pride.
Photo Credit to Craft Pride


Turnstile Coffee Beer & Spirits | Six from the wall & finish with a Whisky

There have been a surprising number of great new places that have opened in 2020. My go to lately has been Turnstile Coffee Beer & Spirits on Burnet.  There are several reasons for that. The staff, Mark, David and Ross, are all cool and fun to hang out with and they know what they are doing. The location is close to work and home for me and its quirky (built out of a remodeled Sonic Drive Thru). The beer selection is impeccable with a great mix of top locals and some national brands that are expertly selected. Last, I like to branch out into the whisky realm for a night cap or a change a pace.  They have a great selection of spirits, specifically whisky.  Its a go to for me right now and I plan to give them a lot of my money in 2021. My perfect post-stressful day activity right now would be drinking 6 beers from the tap wall and finishing with an Old Rip neat. Ideally with the rest of the CBA team hanging out as well.

Photo Credit to Turnstile


Pam’s 2020 Untappd Top Picks

I always have a hard time narrowing down top picks, so this year I looked to Untappd to see what my top picks were. According to my check in’s, my top beer was Jester King‘s version of the All Together IPA, my top style was American IPA (I was surprised it wasn’t hazy…) my top brewery was Austin Beerworks and my top venue was Untappd at home.
Photo Credit to Jester King



See you for the Next Edition of Craft Beer Austin Staff Picks in a few weeks!

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