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The Brewers Association’s annual salute to craft beer kicks off May 16 with American Craft Beer Week, a spring celebration of local beer and breweries. Last year, the celebration was a bit different and focused on supporting local breweries that were hit hard by the pandemic. This year, the theme is Turn Your Beer World Upsidedown, “the pioneering craft breweries turned the beer world upside down. They believed that beer drinkers were ready to branch out from industrial lagers and explore deeper bolder flavors,” said Ann Obenchain, Brewers Association marketing and communications director. “This revolutionary ethos persists. It’s part of the craft brewing community’s DNA. And this year’s American Craft Beer Week is all about celebrating the rulebook-tossing spirit that craft brewers share.”.

With such a vibrant beer community, options in and around town are practically limitless. So how will you celebrate? Here are a few options we think you will enjoy:

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