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The Brewers Association’s annual salute to craft beer kicks off May 15 with American Craft Beer Week, a spring celebration of local beer and breweries. “Small and independent American craft breweries are a vital ingredient to the health and wealth of our communities as they support growers, distributors, supply partners, retailers, and beer lovers,” said Ann Obenchain, vice president of marketing and communications at the Brewers Association. “Craft beer is more than a beverage, it’s a catalyst for bringing people together and building community. When we support our local breweries, we are not only enjoying great beer, but we are also investing in the people and the neighborhoods that make our cities and towns unique and vibrant.”

With such a vibrant beer community, options in and around town are practically limitless. So how will you celebrate? Here are a few options we think you will enjoy:

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Texas Brewery & Brewpub Listings and Map

The Definitive Guide to Austin Brewery Tours

The Definitive Guide to Austin Mug Clubs

Austin Craft Beer Bottleshops

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