Another victim of the COVID-19 pandemic, Skull Mechanix announced on social media they are permanently closed.

Rumors of the popular music venue and brewery’s closure have been swirling around since the start of the pandemic and after their brewing equipment showed up for sale on a few websites. We reached out for confirmation but didn’t have the chance to speak with them prior to their social media post.

From their heartfelt social media post: “As we fade away, we would like to thank everyone for their support and passion for craft beer! We had a lot of fun in the two short years we were open and we were gearing up for a huge 2020.” 

A recent survey by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild revealed that 2 out of 3 member breweries are at risk to close by the end of the year. Please do your part to #SaveTexas Breweries!

How you can help Texas craft breweries with your dollars:

Here’s how you can help with your voice:


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