Whitestone Brewery Expands to Liberty Hill

Located at 15390 W State Hwy 29, Liberty Hill, TX

Ryan Anglen, owner, and co-founder, Whitestone Brewery

The anticipated second location of Whitestone Brewery is open in Liberty Hill featuring an expansive tap wall with 23 taps, HopWater, food trucks, and live music. After almost a year of various delays, the new location is quite a bit larger than the original Cedar Park location at around 4,500 square feet with ample parking. The Liberty Hill location is open seven days a week, with future plans to add an indoor and outdoor playscape for the growing family culture of Liberty Hill.

Whitestone Brewery was founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Ryan and Danielle Anglen. Since those early days, the brewery has become a community fixture in Cedar Park and continues to grow and expand. In 2020, Whitestone introduced the first Texas HopWater and shortly after, announced an expansion plan to Liberty Hill in order to keep up with the growing HopWater demand.

Tap wall featuring over 20 taps

Former Rogness brewer Dave Heath is the Brewing Operations Manager, “Like a lot of brewers I started as a homebrewer. I had a pretty nice setup built in my garage and was purchasing all my stuff from Austin Homebrew. One day I noticed they needed some part-time help in the warehouse and applied. Between the employee discount and about 15 hours a week, I was able to brew almost for free. That lasted for about 6 months before Forrest brought me on full-time, shortly after that Forrest started working on his brewery up in Pflugerville. I was able to talk my way into a job up there hahaha. I started up at Rogness full-time right before they opened. I knew the basic science of brewing from homebrewing, but transferring that info into the daily ins and outs of a commercial brewing operation took some time.”


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